Amazing Facts About Online Casinos You Should Know

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It has been several years since we were first introduced to the idea of an online casino. Nearly 25 years to be precise, since the advent of the first online casino, called ‘Internet Casino System Version IV ‘. We have come a long way since then in technology and digital interaction.

Amazing Facts About Online Casinos You Should Know

With the unprecedented access to the Internet, the reach of online gambling and casinos has also increased exponentially. So much, that the fraction of gamblers playing online slots is close to 90 per cent of all gamblers. Meaning that only 10 per cent of gamblers is faithful to the process of land-based casinos.

While the prior fact may sound astonishing, what is even more amusing is the fact that 40 per cent of all internet users play online games. That amounts to more than 1.2 billion people.

Gambling means a chance of turning fortunes. While it is outrightly easy to bet in online gaming, it is far easier to lose the bet. But that does not deter the players from trying their luck and holding on to their grit. And this grit and persistence keep showing in the books of bookmakers, as the online gambling industry is currently worth more than $30 billion in revenue.

Though online casinos and bookmakers earn good (quite good, to be precise), it doesn’t mean that players don’t have much chance to win. Take the Helsinki Kid, for example, he won some 18 million euros in just under 30 minutes of playing Mega Fortune.

In fact, the arrival of online gambling and casinos has brought with it more strategy and rewarding system in the games.

With such immensely lucrative numbers and success stories of instant money, it is hard to think of the risk involved. The stories are sometimes absolutely bewildering and it is natural for people to get inspired by them. 55 per cent of all the world population proves this point by playing a lottery of some sort.

The number might sound a little too much but it is not. As there is space for everybody to play and win (or trying again). There are over 2000 legal online gambling establishments on the web, with a huge chunk of them being from the UK. The UK for that matter has the most robust regulatory and operational system for online casinos.

A chunk of 11 per cent of people who use the internet is actively involved in gambling on various online casino platforms. Though, this number consists of men and women alike but is predominantly a stage of men, as a staggering 84% of all online gamblers are men.

Casinos have to deal with many legal and local hassles every time, be it land-based or online. Some countries prohibit both the types of establishments on their territory. But few states allow online casinos of different land to operate and advertise. It is obvious that gambling generates money and that allows the government to avail taxes, so they provide their citizens with methods to play. Take Israel for example, land-based gambling is strictly prohibited there but the online casinos of local and foreign nature are flourishing. While some countries of Europe, like the UK, have made it a legit and growing industry throughout.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 15/07/2019