Casinos As Fashion Inspiration

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The age of casinos dates back to the 18th century. The casino studios have maintained dress codes ever since. These dress codes were specific to casinos individually. A uniform dress code for the casino employees made them appear professional and also paved the way for executing and implementing discipline in the casino premises.

From the time these business houses have come into existence, they have been very popular among the public. Millions of people visit casinos every year even now and the establishment of online casinos has multiplied the number of casino players. Any organisation with that huge mass of public attraction is bound to make an impact on the day-to-day life of people.

Casinos As Fashion Inspiration

The uniform dressing style of casinos started to inspire people to follow fashion as it made them look professional. This perception that dressing up in the casino style looks professional was built because casinos operate in a professional manner and so the attire they enforced on their employees were bound to be professional as well.

Historical impact

Casinos at the early days inspired the casino goers to change their fashion sense from wearing heavy suits and gowns to wearing more compact and tucked dresses. The employees of the casinos used to wear long dresses and suits which were properly tucked in and well-creased.

The casinos in many ways were the inspiration for the formal attire we now love to showcase.

Change in the style of fashion

With the changing time, casino fashion also had to change. Female attire went shorter and male attire became more compact. The short skirts worn by the females in the casinos brought the trend of wearing skirts in women. Men also similarly started wearing narrow fit dresses.

Although, casinos never made it compulsory for patrons to wear a specific style of clothes but people started to prepare themselves differently for having a game in the casinos and leaving an impression on their competitors.

When dressing style became a statement

The casino goers soon found themselves judging people on the basis of their attire. One who wanted to look serious opted to dress in black and in attire that blends with the background. Those who wanted to look fancy and show lavishness went for a glazy dress and someone who was planning of just passing by for a quick game or two could dress in casuals. This became the ground of judging people who visited the casinos.

Strictness in casino fashion

Casinos from the time of establishment have implemented dress codes. This implementation has always proved to inspire fashion to the world. They still inspire fashion by forcing dress codes in the casino. The employees are still required to wear suits. However, the combination has changed in years. The full-fledged suit is not a compulsion now in casinos. They mostly inspire people to wear pants, vest, tuxedo or tie over their pleated shirts. The difference can also be seen in women dressing as wearing skirts is not the preferred choice now. Men and women now are asked to wear the same formal attire.

Impact in the fashion industry

The impact of casino fashion is not just restricted to the casino premises but has also entered the fashion industry. Casino dressing style has inspired world-famous fashion designers like Givenchy and Michael Kors to organise fashion walks in casino-like attire. For instance, Moschino, an Italian fashion house, organised a Las Vegas themed runaway show in the year 2017, where sequins, pastels and other casino inspired dresses with a little alteration walked the ramp. All the dresses that walked the ramp were very similar to what one can find at a real live casino.


The casino fashion has been inspiring fashion in the real world quite effectively and it looks like this will continue to happen in the future. The professional look the casinos’ dress code brings to the person wearing the attire is something that has inspired patrons to inspire their fashion sense. The strange fact being, there hasn’t been huge changes in casino fashion but its effect on the outer world fashion has been remarkable.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 01/08/2019