Do bonuses help players increase their Gambling Bankroll?

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Yes, they do, and it’s that simple.

Online Gambling websites offer live casino bonuses to players to encourage them to start and keep playing, but not without a few caveats. Casinos enforce minimum wagering requirements to make sure players don’t withdraw the bonus amounts to make a quick buck.

In fact, most casinos set the wagering requirements such that they make a profit even after the players earn their bonus.

But, players have been increasing their bankroll regardless of these limitations.



They search and select bonuses that are lucrative and dependable.

Here are 5 types of live casino bonuses players exploit to stay on the profitable side.

1. Favourable Welcome Bonuses

While most of the welcome bonuses offered by online casinos are disguised to serve players and designed to serve themselves, once in a while a few of them pop up that actually give players the theoretical advantage.

For example, if you deposit €50 under a 100% match offer, a 40x wagering requirement and a 2% house edge, you can earn €10 per game. You can find such favourable bonuses with a bit of time and effort.

Players exploit games with smaller house edges to make safer plays with their welcome bonuses and cash out as soon as they meet the wagering requirements. This has forced casinos to reduce the amount they contribute towards meeting the said requirements. Thus, players should read all the terms and conditions before depositing their money before they claim their welcome bonuses.

2. Zero Deposit Bonuses

Some of the best promotional offers available are the Zero Deposit Bonuses, in which free money is added to the players’ account as soon as they sign up.

Once this free money turns to real money, players can use it to try various online slots that have both high and low paying percentages.

While zero deposit bonuses are mostly quite small and don’t increase the player’s bankroll by much, they can be great for learning the rules and strategies to get better at the game.

3. Referral Bonuses

Another way players use live casino bonuses to increase their bankroll is by bringing in referrals. Casinos offer referral bonuses to players which help them acquire more customers.

Depending on their abilities to bring new referrals, players can earn huge bonuses and apply their gambling strategies to receive equally huge payouts.

Referral money bonuses have their limitations too, because of which players mostly use it for games with higher winning odds among the games they are allowed to play with.

4. Reward Points

Most casinos have special programs to reward players for betting real money. Through these programs, players earn points depending on the amount of money they bet.

Players then redeem these reward points, called as comp points, and convert them into real money.

Gamblers use this money in two ways. They either play more games with it or keep it for themselves to make up for their losses.

5. Weekly Bonuses

Regular players have another way of increasing their payroll and maintaining their ability to play over longer periods of time.

They take advantage of the weekly bonus promotions offered by some of the best casinos. Players reload their wallet with only a small amount to receive these live casino bonuses.

Each week, they come back for these bonuses that help them to continue playing and increase their chances of maximising their bankroll.

In conclusion, players take advantage of different kinds of bonuses like welcome bonuses, zero deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, reward points, and weekly bonuses and use them the best way they can to increase their bankrolls and keep playing for a long period of time.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 13/06/2019