How are casino bonuses compared?

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One of the main attractions of gambling is casino bonus offers. If you log into an online casino, you will come across different kinds of bonuses and promotions. In a way, they are methods to lure more players into a respective gambling site. The games are also creatively designed to create wins with attractive bonus features. So, how do you make a comparison between different casino bonuses? Take a look!

How are casino bonuses compared?

Compare the casino bonus percentage as per your preferences

The first aspect that you would need to consider while comparing casino bonus features is the percentage. So what is the percentage that the site is offering you in the form of bonuses? Usually, the latest casino bonuses can be anything in between 5% and 200%. However, you also need to keep in mind that higher percentage bonuses are related to the betting amount. The more bet you place, the more percentage of bonuses you will be awarded! As a result, you need not go overboard with the betting just for the sole cause of getting higher bonuses. In case you lose, you will waste a great deal of money.

Next, in line are the maximum bonus amounts. The amount of money paid in the form of maximum casino bonuses determine how lucrative the bonus is. Usually, the maximum online casino bonus range from £50 to £100. In some live casino games, the maximum bonus is limited to around £70. Most of the latest casino bonuses have a higher limit and based on the amount, you can opt for the particular casino or game. Moreover, most of these are virtual money that can be used to play more games. Very few offer the ease of withdrawing in the form of real money.

Sticky and non-sticky bonuses

Talking about casino bonus features and benefits, there are two kinds of popular variants: sticky and non-sticky bonus. You need to get an idea of both these casino bonuses to know which suits better. Compared to the sticky ones, non-sticky bonuses offer great values. However, in case you cancel the wager, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money. In case of the sticky casino bonuses, you will be able to get a wager quickly. This really gets helpful for players who wish to receive a higher payout at the games. For quick money, sticky bonuses are better than non-sticky ones.

Wagering limits

Wagering is also another important aspect to compare casino bonus features. Usually, the latest casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement. For example, in order to get £10 as a bonus, you may need to make a spin for around £50 or £100. Only then you will be able to withdraw the bonus as cash. As a player, it can be a dicey situation as you may not want to shed so much of money. These kinds of conditions are more in vogue in the live casino where players compete with each other in real-time. This is done to prevent extra loss on the part of the casino.

Look for the duration/validity of casino bonuses

Last but not the least; you also need to weigh the terms and conditions while choosing the right kind of promotional casino bonus. Casino sites basically offer these casino bonuses to mark any occasion or festival. Most of these bonuses have certain terms and specific time limits. As a result, you need to read them properly before you proceed with them. There are festive bonuses, monthly and weekly bonuses as well as hourly bonuses. The rewards vary according to the type of bonuses that are being offered.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 04/07/2019