How Do Live Casinos Operate?

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Live as well as online casino games have become very prevalent in this contemporary era. The perks of participating in Live casino games especially, negating the need to go to a regular casino to avail your favourite games are enough incentive for the regular players to jump into this crazy trend that is developing at a phenomenal phase. Have you tried out online Live casino games before? Do you know how they operate and what technologies are used behind to conduct such a comprehensive game? Find everything here and more.


The technological aspect

You will find that most of the live dealer casino games nowadays have at least three cameras around to offer the players with a complete view of the game. These videos are controlled by the director who is present in the control room. He is responsible for regulating the live chats that take place between the dealers and players. The competition is fierce in this domain and many companies like Evolution Gaming (Live casino pioneering company) rents out tables to online casinos and allow them to put their own branding on the tables. Popular games like Live Blackjack and Roulette offer Hollywood-style multiple cameras and slow-motion videos! But how?

In any online live casino, you will find that there are three rooms – a live studio, a software room, and an analyst room.

1. OCR or Optical Character Recognition

OCR is responsible for making the live dealer casino games interactive. Its main function is to read the images on the table and understand every bit of available data. Then it processes and shows the result on the player’s screen over the stream. From dealing with cards in Blackjack and spinning the ball in Roulette, OCR is used in every aspect of the live casino games. Due to this, the players are able to place their bets accordingly. The OCR then determines which cards are being dealt or in which pocket the Roulette wheel lands in and sends it over the live stream so that the winner and losers can be determined.

2. GCU or Game Control Unit

This is probably the most important aspect of a live casino game. Live casino games are impossible without a GCU. it is responsible for encoding the video broadcast so it can be safely transmitted over the internet and comes in the shape of a small box.

3. Sensors

In a live casino game like Blackjack and Roulette, the tables are fitted with sensors that collect real-time information and transmits them over to the user. For example, Roulette wheels are fitted with sensors which players can analyse to find where the ball is at a particular time. Similarly, sensors are used by the dealers fitted beside the box to make out what cards are dealt.

4. Cameras

Live dealer casinos usually have more than two cameras to provide an optimum viewing experience to the players. State-of-the-art HD cameras with multiple viewing angles are used to stream high-quality video feedback to the players. This is because you don’t want to miss any single moment of the action.

5. Monitor

Monitors are important to both the players as well as the dealers as they offer all the necessary information to conduct the game accurately. The dealer uses multiple cameras in the live studio to analyse certain information like which players are playing at the table and what they are chatting about. The player, of course, needs a good quality monitor to make out everything that is happening in-game precisely. Players can also see which players are online through the monitor.

6. Dealers

Although this might not seem important, a real-life human dealer is vital for running a live casino game. The live dealers are trained properly to behave with the players professionally and offer them a unique gaming experience that they were longing for. Accept it – Live casino games won’t be the same without those attractive dealers and engaging conversations.

The legal aspect

Every live casino operates under certain rules and regulations. Licenses and laws make sure that the live casinos work similarly like the real traditional casinos. To provide the players with a sense of security, these licenses and laws were made which also makes sure that only responsible operators run live casinos. Moreover, prominent live casinos are audited on a regular basis to maintain transparency of information and fair play.

Operating Process

Take an example of a live casino game like Live Roulette. First, the dealers are filmed and the casino software transforms the image so that it fits perfectly with the interactive interface and live stream of the user. This generated data is then made available to all the participants of the game. The players then start placing their bets until and unless the dealer signals to stop betting. The betting buttons become inactive after this. The dealer spins the wheel and the entire action is captured by the cameras. The results are declared in a matter of minutes and the winners and losers are displayed on the screen. After the completion of the round, the player can keep playing by repeating the steps.

Now that you know everything about Live casino gaming, head over to a prominent Live casino with attractive bonus offers and commence your casino adventure today! And like always, gamble responsibly!

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 06/06/2019