Lucky Streak

The live casinos have instantly grabbed the attention of all the players, by providing them a real-time gaming experience at their comfort. Lucky Streak is one of the latest providers of live casino games, merging both innovation and style. Launched in the year 2015, the goal of Lucky Streak is to satisfy its players by being professional, affable and supple.

Why Lucky Streak?

The games at Lucky Streak are designed based on the latest technology with advanced gamification and personalization features accompanied with an impressive user interface. Also, the foundations of Lucky Streak are built by the experts who are well-versed in online behaviour and possess extensive knowledge in online gaming.

Apart from these, Lucky Streak aims at providing the players with optimal user experience by offering ductile and top-of-the-line infrastructure.

Key Features of Lucky Streak

  • Operates 24/7
  • The gaming interface is in English by default. But it provides the players with a drop-down menu option in the website, where the players can select the language of his choice.
  • The video stream has a high-definition quality having high, medium and low quality options where the players can choose his preference.
  • Lucky Streak also provides its players with an exclusive chat option, where the players  can chat with the dealers via the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, whichgives the players a real casino experience.
  • One of the exclusive features of Lucky Streak is that it automatically detects device and bandwidth constraints and adjusts the stream output to deliver the best quality service

Games at Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak offers a classic set of card games which include – Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Besides these, they also offer Slot and Spin, Fixed Odds and Video and Card games.

The Blackjack at Lucky Streak provides 21+3 and Perfect Pair Side Bets. It also provides with a unique Multi-Baccarat view, where the players can view the bets made by other real players too, thus encouraging healthy competition.

The gaming studio of Lucky Streak is equipped with the latest, high grade video and sound systems to provide players with an exceptional gaming experience.


Lucky Streak is not licensed by any of the recognised licensing authority. Hence, it is not permitted to operate in the UK, US and a few more countries. The live casino in Lucky Streak is available in multiple languages like Korean, Turkish, Russian, Italian and German. But the live dealers are available only in two languages namely English and Russian.