Myths About Gambling You Never Knew

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Gambling and myths are inseparable ideals in the gaming industry. No matter how old or new are you to the game, if you gamble, you must have heard a plethora of myths associated with it. Online Gambling is said to be based more on luck and less on skills (which is another myth). This leads to many misconceptions and false information that gets passed on from one gambler to the other and hence gets established as a myth in the gambling world. Sure some might get lucky by following their intuitions but one must understand that the gambling games are random, and based on some basic math concepts.

Keep reading as we unfold the most common gambling myths associated with the industry.


1. Gambling is not addictive

That’s a myth! The biggest myth which influences people towards gambling. It doesn’t have any physical effects like alcohol or drugs have, but imagine who would mind sitting around a classic table and winning money along with the free meals and deals? And if we talk about online casinos, the high-resolution graphics, huge jackpots, and great accessibility make the users more addictive to games. It does affect physiology. Not every gambler gets addicted but saying that it’s not addictive is a lie.

2. It’s all about the Luck

Luck is surely a major factor in gambling but it does not dominate the game. Gambling is more about calculations and mathematics which is a lesser-known fact. In the longer run, people came to know the fact that decision-based on calculated thinking gives favourable results. Luck cannot win you every game.

3. Bet more when you are “due”

This myth has shattered many hopes and dreams of gamblers who believed that they will win after losing consistently. Here, it is more about common sense. The tables, dice, slots, roulettes do not have a memory to keep a track of game sessions. They are independent events. This is silly to depend on your past results to predict the future. This is based more on maths and less on your previous track. Whether you have won a few or lost a few, it is always the casino who is due.

4. Casino remains unbeatable

Every other myth associated with gambling points out at casinos being the ultimate winner. But that is not true. Some games are complex with lots of mathematics involved and hence many players give up on this fact that they can never win. But with the right skills and accurate knowledge, games such as poker, blackjack can win you an edge over the house in the long run.

5. Online casinos are a scam

There are a plethora of online gambling sites over the web and this might be true in some cases. But it is a huge industry that has gained immense popularity today. Because it is highly accessible, many gamblers turn to online gaming sites to make money and they do win huge jackpots, as sizeable as in a land-based casino. So, online casinos are definitely not a scam. The only problem which can occur is difficulty in withdrawing money. Search for the right sites, look for a valid company license and then invest your money into the game.

6. You can’t make a living through Gambling

There are plenty of examples of professional gamblers who made a decent amount of money during their gambling sessions. They earned a living by rolling dice and spinning wheels. It is no wonder that if you play with the right skills and strategies, and manage your bankroll well, you can win money enough for a living. Games such as blackjack, horse betting, poker can give you an edge over the house. Be patient, learn new tricks and never give up.

Gambling is often related to such myths, followed by superstitions with no logic. Listed here were the most common myths about gambling but people who gamble might have heard a lot more. The list is never-ending because there are thousands of players who gamble and each player has his own set of strategies and myths associated with his game. So, educate yourself, learn the fact that gambling is a sensible mathematics-centred sport and it has nothing to do with mere myths. Be calculative, observe the game, learn new skills and enjoy gambling!

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 15/08/2019