The History of Casino Fashion

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Have you ever noticed how casinos have such an air of sophistication about them?

Every time you come across the word ‘casino’, you only imagine a group of well-dressed croupiers and patrons – gentlemen and ladies – with wads of cash gambling their hearts out.

But the reality is quite different. Casual visitors don’t gamble with a lot of money, other people aren’t so well-behaved after a few drinks, and some people even gamble in their pyjamas (when they play live casino games of course). Regardless of these realities, casinos have developed a unique sense of fashion over the years.

Let us explore how casino fashion originated and changed over the years to influence movies, pop culture, and even party wear.

The History of Casino Fashion

Casino Fashion: Its origin

Gambling originated in social gatherings when people of nobility started playing games of chance with high stakes for fun.

Over time, they chose certain houses or buildings where they would gather to play their favourite games. These houses or buildings that hosted the social gatherings were called casa.

Soon enough, businesses started popping up and the term casa turned into a casino. But when the local governments noticed that these casinos were bankrupting the nobility, they ordered them closed.

Regardless of that, however, only the wealthy came to play in these casinos and sure enough, they were well-dressed and decorous.

Time changes everything

Surely the casinos originated as the playgrounds of the rich and noble, but their progress was completely different in America. The casas became known as saloons and in a dichotomy, developed a rather seedy reputation among the common population.

As more and more of the bars turned into saloons, they developed an ambience of exclusivity. Locals, businessmen and travellers from all across America started gathering here to sign business deals, share ideas, and indulge in many more activities apart from gambling.

These saloons were run very well and offered a safe and fair gambling experience for its patrons. But the people’s clothes varied wildly and were in sharp contrast with the nobles that originated casinos.

Why? Because saloons were mostly populated by cowboys, day labourers, and other workers who gambled for pastime.

Rich land and cattle owners also frequented these establishments but preferred to keep away from the common men. Thus, they chose riverboat gambling where tournaments had high stakes and massive buy-ins to keep the riff-raff out.

How did we get here?

Famous figures like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra became synonymous with Las Vegas and practically shaped the way we perceive the act of gambling and casinos in general. This is because they were always sharply dressed whether they were performing a gig or playing at a table.

The media at the time portrayed gambling as an activity that well-dressed and well-mannered people indulged in for pleasure. Television and popular print media caught on and promoted the classy image of casinos even more, helping it seal in the minds of the common populace.

Since then, that very classy look has inspired many fashion trends and dictated how people dress for parties and galas too.

In keeping up with the popular image, many modern casinos have established a dress code for their patrons and croupiers.

While each casino has a particular uniform for its croupiers, most casinos have a fairly common dress code for the players. Before going to any casino, however, you should check out their website for the proper dress code.

But if you can’t find any information or are unsure about your attire for a casino visit, then, here’s the fail-safe outfit you can rely on:

  1. Gentlemen should opt for modern, dark jeans, a button-down shirt, and clean non-athletic shoes. Consider wearing a sports coat in the evening.
  2. Ladies should prefer dark denim trousers or skinny jeans, a casual top topped with a jacket, and finally, a comfortable pair of ballet flats since heels are quixotic.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 20/06/2019