The Importance Of Casino Games Certification

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Casino games offer folks from all walks of life the opportunity of winning varying amounts by making use of their skills and luck. Such casino games are available both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos and come in a wide array of flavours to cater to the different needs and tastes of players.

Playing online casino games has long been regarded as one of the most thrilling and exciting. For casino game to be fun and secure to play there is something they must possess certification. So, what is casino game certification all about and what bodies perform this important activity?

Read on and get the answer for the above question.

The Importance Of Casino Games Certification

All About Casino Games Certification

Now, casinos both online and offline are by their very nature intensely regulated. They are usually licensed by an authorised regulating authority which is authorised to offer their services in a particular locale.

Apart from being regulated and licensed to operate, the games at all types of casinos must be certified safe before they can be made available to the public. The process of casino game certification involves making sure that the casino cannot by any means influence the gameplay outcome. It also means ensuring that all games of chance are made as random as possible and that every aspect of the casino operation is above-board and in the best interest of the casino players.

Casino games certification is a long and strenuous ordeal whose sole aim is to make it possible for players to have the best fun of their lives without paying a steep and hidden cost. Any casino whose operations and games are not certified should, of course, be resolutely avoided and reported to the appropriate authorities.

Casino games certification is important and this is what makes the casino more respectable, and essentially classifies it as being a safe place for playing any casino game. Evidence of such certification also benefits the casino by attracting new players.

Certification Bodies

There are lots of reputable organisations and specialised bodies that offer casino games certifications. These check the RNG of online casino games, ensure that casinos follow the best business practices and thoroughly test the casino servers and related systems.

A few of such certification bodies are as follows:

1. VeriSign

Formed in 1995 and headquartered in the US, this is easily the biggest and possibly the best certification body to be found online. It employs thousands, has annual revenues in the 9 figures and is quoted on multiple stock markets.

2. GLI

Gaming Laboratories International has been active in the industry for nearly 30 years. It both tests and certifies casino games, work with both virtual and offline casinos and has branches in most gambling-mad regions of the world.

3. Gaming Associates

This specialises in providing certification services to online casinos. It widely respected has some sterling staff and likes to make things happen.

4. iTech Labs

This firm has a decade-plus of industry experience and offers certification and consultancy services to online gambling businesses and casino sites. It thoroughly checks out the RTP and RNG of casino game and slots and carries a lot of weight in the industry.

5. Technical Systems

This company was formed in 1993 and since then has been engaged in providing both consulting and certification services to online gambling businesses, including any new online casino and established ones.

6. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

This is a globally-respected firm that provides auditing and consulting services to quite a few online gambling firms. They are among the most trusted certification bodies who take their job too seriously. PWC also offers auditing and accounting services to its clientele.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 25/07/2019