The Profoundness of Casino Security Technology

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It is a known fact that the popularity of live casinos hit the jackpot over the years around the world, especially in the UK and America. With the rise in popularity of the live casinos, the security technology used has also widely improved and upgraded. The advancement of security technology plays a crucial role in keeping live casinos alive and maintain its dignity, and also save from unwanted situations. These are some of the latest security technologies used in live casinos.

The Profoundness of Casino Security Technology

License plate readers at the parking lot

When gamblers drive through the casino parking lot, the number plate of the car is scanned by the License Plate Recognition System and collect an image by the optical sensor. This image is immediately converted into a text and runs through a database of ‘hot’ numbers, which are a list of records of scammers and customers who caused trouble in the past. In case, the number plate turns out to be registered under the ‘hot’ numbers list, security officers are instantly notified, and the person can be barred from entering the casino.

Biometric face recognition technology

Biometric or face recognition technology took the world by storm when it was first introduced, now, it has become a part of our daily lives. One of the places that use this technology is the live casinos, where all the faces of the visitors are scanned as they walk in through the front door. Long before this feature was introduced, the job was executed by security personnel where most of the visitors get through by disguise. By using biometric recognition technology, it compares the faces of the visitors with the database of known scammers. With the help of this security feature, casino cheaters are immediately exposed and warned by the authorities.

The angel eye

The angel eye is a camera-based barcode tracker software used in several casinos now. With this security feature, it enables the cards to be scanned and simulates the end-result that should be unveiled on the table. The cards are instilled with invisible barcodes, and this allows them to be tracked by the angel eye. If there are any errors and unmarked cards detected during the scanning, it is immediately notified to the securities. This software is used in all the card games in live casinos.

RFID chips

Another ground-breaking technology that casinos use for security purposes is RFID chips. Most of the casinos now instil this RFID chips in their casino chips which help to transmit individual serial identifiers over radio frequencies. The chip is also used for monotonous tasks like keeping a track on the chips lent to the players on credit and tracking play data for specific tables. Before this security software was introduced, scammers used to make fake chips and exchange them for real money.


TableEye21 is another security technology that plays a vital role in running live casinos and avoiding casino scams. This feature is made from the combination of several technologies like a video camera which records the action during the gaming sessions, a fusion of video review software and information from the RFID chips, the real-time data of cards being dealt and the chips being wagered. The TableEye21 records everything that goes on the card table, such as the dealer’s round per hour, trend reports, and players’ winning percentage. With the information collected, it helps recognise when players count the cards or work together with the dealer behind the screen with sinister intention to screw the casino.

NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness) software

With all the tracking information collected from the other software tools and security technologies, if there are any errors detected, casinos take help from the NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness) software. This software scans all the collected data and identifies connections which might not seem noticeable at first. Which means, for instance, if you submit a name called ‘George Harrington’ to the NORA software, it could detect the person as Gabriel Hanks, who is well-known as a casino scammer. Not only that, but NORA also identifies connections between people by identifying similar data in their backgrounds, and notify security personnel about specific information of a player that occurred years back.

To conclude, while it is evident that the ever-expanding technologies play a crucial role in maintaining the casinos safe and protect from malpractices, the nature of the casino personnel also widely counts for a fruitful end result. Though the highly-advanced security tools do their share of job, casino experts are the ones who know the ins-and-outs of the casino and how the minds of the scammers work.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 27/06/2019