The role of croupiers in online casinos

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In the world of gambling and casinos, croupiers play the most significant role in running the business. Working as a croupier can be rewarding and fulfilling at the same time, but only if you have the passion and interest in the job you are entitled to do. To get into the profession of a croupier, there are some fundamental aspects to learn during the training period. So, have you ever wondered what a dealer needs to do, and what kind of training do they undergo, to become the industry’s topnotch professional croupiers? Find out down below!

The role of croupiers in online casinos

What is the job of a croupier?

As mentioned earlier, croupiers play the most fundamental role in the gambling industry, whether it is online casinos or land-based casinos. If there are no croupiers, there are no casino games. So, what exactly is the job of a croupier? Basically, a croupier must have extensive knowledge about each and every type of games. Learning all the in-and-out rules of each game offered by the casino, the various kinds of bettings, the house rules, and managing the chips, are some of the major factors a dealer must master during the training period.

Additionally, to become a croupier, you are also required to hone your soft skills to understand customer service better and to interact with the customers. And with the latest growing sector of the live casinos, there is also the need for croupiers to assist casino games through webcams during every live streaming session. Thanks to the innovation of the live casinos, the opportunity to become a professional dealer is higher than ever.

Overall, it is the job of a croupier to know and understand the rules of the games, to know the odds of winning in various circumstances, and they should be able to skillfully deliver the details to the players at any time when needed.

What is the educational requirement to become a croupier?

To get into the profession of a croupier, one doesn’t require to own a formal qualification. However, you will be given a specific training period that will last from 2 months to 18 months. You also need to have the essential mathematic skills since most of the casino games are based on fixed odds. Basically, you need to be fast on your feet, should have a strong ability to focus, and should possess decision-making skills. So, there will be a lot of memorising and practising to become dextrous at your job. Apart from that, when it comes to your soft skills, you need to be friendly, approachable, outgoing, should be able to handle the stress, and should be able to stand for long hours.

The training typically starts by mastering how to handle the chips, and how to play Blackjack and Roulette. Blackjack and Roulette are the first two casino games that any person who applies to be a croupier must learn, followed by Poker and Baccarat. A croupier trainee should also learn every rule of the games, how to spin the ball, how to shuffle the cards and strip the deck, and how to disperse the cards.

How much can a croupier earn?

The earnings of a croupier vary from country to country, and upon the experience in the field, just like any other professions. For instance, in Canada, a croupier usually earns between $10/hr-$20.45/hr, while in a province like Quebec, a croupier earns from an average $14/hr-$24/hr. However, the earnings of a croupier depend on the tips he/she receives from the customers, which is the main reason why they need to hone their soft skills. Apart from being a croupier, the casino may also promote you to a dealer inspector, then a pit boss, then a manager, based on your competence and experiences.

Apart from the salary and tips a croupier earns, they also get additional rewards from the company such as health and retirement plans, flexible time-off, free meals, and uniform.

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Author : Heather Heaton

Published Date : 29/08/2019